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Thursday, 27 October 2011

~10y u e 27h a o~


now again

u still leave me alone

in this game

i became a loser

all i know that

Finally,come to 27
we have three months apart

so fast....

Of course,
i did't hate u anymore
i know,we become like this...
not u want

But i nuisance myself
u know???!!

why i always cry...
when i am thinking about u...

i will be fine

i just want u happy

in our conclusion,
we separated...
still LATE!!


u do not belong to me

we can't say anything

because this all was not u want


i just want to say

if u are happy,

i will be glad

hope u will be getting alone very well

bless you....

MAN,i will be FINE__❤

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