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Thursday, 28 June 2012


some feelings will make us sad
will make us cheers up too
and i , never to be change

our friendship seem like so far
maybe ''time taken''
time will let us change and be strong
very hard for explain my feelings

when i feel sadly , try to listen the music
i will find some friend n chat with them
my secret share with them
but,,,actually i still don't know how to show off
my expression will only scare off people

there are things that i don't want to happen
i miss,,,
i miss both of you..
my crazy life for last time

the days were so crazy
that people think we're high
and days were so bored
we laugh so hard we cry

all the inside jokes
and saying 'i remember how we know'
just some of the reasons , we become friends

very close of we all , i still remember^^

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