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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

super boring:)

hey,boring la now><''issS!!

just go back my sis home

oh Yeah^^is free now~

but dont know why can't sleep

need to do something again

ei,be keen update my blog

suddenly got one things became funny

in this morning i promise that i will take a jogging,but i wake up at 12.00==

lol,late again

can i take this for achieve?

no no should be sad,i must!!!

haha,tomorrow go public library to study

does not dare to believe?

really 1 to change my live become amusing

n tomorrow 1 do rebonding

i am worried about my hair will become super-straight>,<

badminton badminton,i miss u a lot

remember a...when i got free

ok la...night all^^

sweet dream--,--\

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